19 Sep

                                                       Item 1: Cartoon


Message: in this picture, we can see the main character is a panda – the symbol of China. It is eating a branch of dollar leaves instead of bamboo. This means the economic of China is becoming stronger and stronger. Moreover, the time of the this picture was in the middle of March, 2010 when USA noticed that China was still the biggest lender of this country with the deal of dependure bond up to $889 billion. therefore, the picture also predict that China will be the biggest creditor of USA because the main food for panda if dollar

                                                             Item 2: Cartoon


Message: this picture indicate that inflation in Vietnam is a big problem and the author use some rhetorical devices like irony, metaphor, etc. to show that, Vietnamese have not found the cause of inflation in Vietnam. They just see the problem one-sidedly.

                                                            Item 3: story

                                                   Roosters and the eagle

Two roosters were fighting by a heap of dung .One rooster was stronger than the other.He fought the other rooster and drove him away from the dung ,The hens crowded round the rooster and praised him..
The rooster wanted everyone in the neighbouring yard to hear of his strength and prowess. So he flew up onto the shed, flapped his wings and cried out::
” Look at me ,everyone.I beat a rooster!There is no other rooster in the world as strong as me.”
At the moment, an eagle flew up , knocked the rooster down, dug his claws into him and carried him off to his nest.


Message: this story implite that if we are strong, there will be another person stronger than us. We should not proud and boast about ourselves


4 Responses to “Entry1_NguyenHuyenMy”

  1. vuthiphuongthanhe24 September 21, 2011 at 4:39 pm #

    It can be seen that three items that you chose all have the clear sources, and the messages that you found out are relevant. However, as far as I am concerned, you should pay attention to some following points to have a better assignment:
    ITEM 1: you have some spelling and word-form mistakes such as “the economic” – the economy, “the picture also predict” – predicts, “because the main food for panda” – because of… Moreover, you did not indicate the rhetorical devices in this cartoon.
    ITEM 2: I want to add an implication of this cartoon, that is the inflation in Vietnam is as big as an elephant, and the Vietnamese experts just like the blind. They think that they can find the main cause of that situation, but in fact, they just catch its tail – a very small part of the problem. In the picture, there are three people in total, but although all of them make their common efforts, they still cannot control the inflation. In addition, you used the wrong Verb tenses: ” this picture indicate” – indicates, “the author use” – used.
    ITEM 3: You also did not show the rhetorical devices that were used in this story. In terms of its message, I think it has more one: Don’t overestimate yourself and underestimate the others, you may die for that!

  2. lythithuy September 22, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

    I agree with you, and I have some additional information in your second item. In my opinion, the author also criticizes the Vietnamese’s attitude toward inflation. They have recognized it, but they have not faced it directly. They solve the problem with their resistance. (Because in the picture when they solve the matter, they wear dark glasses and look away far from it)

  3. duongthithuhuong September 22, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    I agree with your first and last massages, but you should analysis the rhetorical devices used in each item
    – Item 1: the rhetorical devices are metaphor: panda : China :: the branch of dollar : the USA.
    – Item 2: you should point out how irony and metaphor are used. For example, the elephant : inflation :: blind fortune-tellers : the Vietnamese. In my opinion, the massage is not about the cause of inflation. I think the picture implies that Vietnam only reach short-term and temporary solutions to control the inflation
    – Item 3: the rhetorical device is metaphor: the stronger rooster symbolize for turkey-cock

  4. dothihonghanh September 28, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

    I agree with Huong and Thao for that you did not indicate the rhetorical devices in each item.
    1st item: rhetorical device: metaphor => message: China will be the great mortgagee of the US. ( look at the expression on the face of the panda when eating too much dollars).
    2nd item: rhetorical device: irony => message: the Vietnamese still can’t find the real cause of the serious inflation.
    3rd item: i think the message is that: don’t pride yourself too much when there are many stronger people around you.

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