20 Sep

Entry 1

Item 1: Poem

One of These Days

By James Foley

Say! Let’s forget it! Let’s put it aside!
Life is so large and the world is so wide.
Days are so short and there’s so much to do,
What if it was false, there’s plenty that’s true.
Say! Let’s forget it! Let’s brush it away
Now and forever, so what do you say?
All of the bitter words said may be praise
One of these days.

Say! Let’s forget it! Let’s wipe off the slate,
Find something better to cherish than hate.
There’s so much good in the world that we’ve had,
Let’s strike a balance and cross off the bad.
Say! Let’s forgive it, whatever it be,
Let’s not be slaves when we ought to be free.
We shall be walking in sunshiny ways
One of these days.

Say! Let’s not mind it! Let’s smile it away,
Bring not a withered rose from yesterday;
Flowers are so fresh from the wayside and wood,
Sorrows are blessings but half understood.
Say! Let’s not mind it, however it seems,
Hope is so sweet and holds so many dreams;
All of the sere fields with blossoms shall blaze
One of these days.

Say! Let’s not take it so sorely to heart!
Hates may be friendships just drifted apart,
Failure be genius not quite understood,
Say! Let’s get closer to somebody’s side,
See what his dreams are and learn how he tried,
See if our scolding won’t give way to praise
One of these days.

Say! Let’s not wither! Let’s branch out and rise
Out of the byways and nearer the skies.
Let’s spread some shade that’s refreshing and deep
Where some tired traveler may lie down and sleep.
Say! Let’s not tarry! Let’s do it right now;
So much to do if we just find out how!
We may not be here to help folks or praise
One of these days.

Rhetorical devices

–         Rhyme: aside – wide, do – true, away – say, …

–         Repetition:

  • One of these days.
  • Say! Let’s …!


One of These Days is an inspirational life poem. Life is not just luck and hope, but also sorrow and failure. It encourages us not to look back and repeat our past, but to begin looking forward at what we really desire.

Item 2: Story

The stonecutter

There was once a stonecutter who was dissatisfied with himself and with his position in life.

One day, he passed a wealthy merchant’s house and through the open gateway saw many fine possessions and important visitors. “How powerful that merchant must be!” thought the stonecutter. He became very envious, and wished that he could be like the merchant. Then he would no longer have to live the life of a mere stonecutter.

To his great surprise, he suddenly became the merchant, enjoying more luxuries and power than he had ever dreamed of, envied and detested by those less wealthy than himself. But soon a high official passed by, carried in a sedan chair, accompanied by attendants, and escorted by soldiers beating gongs. Everyone, no matter how wealthy, had to bow low before the procession. “How powerful that official is!” he thought. “I wish that I could be a high official!”

Then he became the high official, carried everywhere in his embroidered sedan chair, feared and hated by the people all around, who had to bow down before him as he passed. It was a hot summer day, and the official felt very uncomfortable in the sticky sedan chair. He looked up at the sun. It shone proudly in the sky, unaffected by his presence. “How powerful the sun is!” he thought. “I wish that I could be the sun!”

Then he became the sun, shining fiercely down on everyone, scorching the fields, cursed by the farmers and laborers. But a huge black cloud moved between him and the earth, so that his light could no longer shine on everything below. “How powerful that storm cloud is!” he thought. “I wish that I could be a cloud!”

Then he became the cloud, flooding the fields and villages, shouted at by everyone. But soon he found that he was being pushed away by some great force, and realized that it was the wind. “How powerful it is!” he thought. “I wish that I could be the wind!”

Then he became the wind, blowing tiles off the roofs of houses, uprooting trees, hated and feared by all below him. But after a while, he ran up against something that would not move, no matter how forcefully he blew against it – a huge, towering stone. “How powerful that stone is!” he thought. “I wish that I could be a stone!”

Then he became the stone, more powerful than anything else on earth. But as he stood there, he heard the sound of a hammer pounding a chisel into the solid rock and felt himself being changed. “What could be more powerful than I, the stone?” he thought. He looked down and saw far below him the figure of a stonecutter.

Rhetorical devices

–         Parallelism: all paragraphs are expressed in the same structure.

–         Repetition:

  • How powerful that … is!
  • I wish that I could be …!


We do not know the extent of our own personal power. Sometimes, the most insignificant seeming people among us are those most able to effect great change. Be grateful for what you have.

Item 3: Cartoon

Rhetorical devices

–         Irony:  the boy want to find more friends on the Internet, however, there are actually many friends right beside him.


Valuable and precious things are just beside you. You do not need to go far away to look for them.






5 Responses to “Entry1_DuongThiThuHuong”

  1. daothihongnhung September 21, 2011 at 3:21 pm #

    In your item 3, I think that you should add an extra rhetorical device: metaphor: friends= valuable and precious things.
    In addition, it has one more message. That is nowadays, people have been strongly influenced in the internet. Most of these effects are bad and unuseful. Although there are a lot of friends right around you, you ignore them and look for the others who you have never met.

  2. daothihongnhung September 22, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    In your item 3, I think that you should add an extra rhetorical device: symbol: friends= valuable and precious things.
    In addition, it has one more message. That is nowadays, people have been strongly influenced in the internet. Most of these effects are bad and unuseful. Although there are a lot of friends right around you, you ignore them and look for the others who you have never met.

  3. nguyenlelinh September 22, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    I agree with you about the message of the cartoon, but it also has a more direct message about the affect of the Internet in general and social networking in particular.
    Nowadays, Facebook as well as some other social-networking websites have been very popular in the young, providing us with excellent chances to make connections with people. However, the young tends to spend more time online and much less time on face-to-face contact. They seem to forget “Real relationships” which are more important in their lives.
    By the way, I really love the story of the stonecutter. It remains me of a story I read when I was very small. The main character in that story is a cat getting bored of being himself and wishes to be other people. Mentioning the potential value of each person, that story is quite similar to yours 🙂

  4. nguyenthihuyen September 22, 2011 at 4:16 pm #

    I agree with the opinion of Nhung and Linh about the effects of the Internet in general and the social networking websites in particular. Actually, it is undeniable the the Internet might provide us with easier access to people around the world. Nevertheless, that youngster nowadays are so addicted to the unreal wolrd on the Internet that they may lack direct communication which is one of the basic skills.

    In the second item, from my perspective, it contains another rhetorical device, the metaphor. The stonecutter in the story implies for many other people in real life who are very greedy. they are never satisfied with what they are having and always desire for things of others.

  5. hoangthilehang September 23, 2011 at 6:34 am #

    How can I say, when looking at this picture, seeing the very hot and popular word “facebook”, reading what the girl saying, I immediately look at myself. Have been joining this social network for 1 year, I think this has had quite a strong impact on my life. To myself, I have not been able to decide whether or not it is mostly a negative side because it brings me variety aspects. In terms of advantages brought from Facebook, I have chance to broaden my life with open relationships with a large number of people from all over the world, the chance to learn about others’ lives with their cultures, points of views, and also the chance to keep contacts with the people I have known before in an interesting way. However, as everybosy khows, nothing is purely good or merely bad in all ways it appears. I can not deny that my image is put in this picture. Not jist a couple of times I found myself rooting in front of my PC, stick my eyes on the Facebook site for long hour just to do silly things. In my friendlist currently there are over 300 people so-call “friends” according to the site’s policy. Among them, there are people I esnt friend requests to, and others are the one who sent theirs to me. Estimately, 80 percent of “friends” are ones I have never had the chance to see them in real life. Irony, sometimes I saw someone with his or her status, it took me sometime to consider “who is that guy?”.
    Thank you for posting this picture of fact. It helps me have a stict look at myself to realze my misuse of facebook somehow. Hope that Facebook will be used effectivily and relevantly by the people like me.

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