Entry 2_ LyThiThuy

10 Oct
  1. Item1: “Vinamilk” advertisement.



1. Source Vinamilk
2. Target audience Children
3. Medium (media) Television
4. Context 2011
5. Objectives Introduce a new product
6. Messages General selling If you don’t drink milk, you may be not as tall as you expect. Your eyes may be not as bright as you want.
Product attributes Rich in minerals.
Customer benefits Getting taller and having better eyesight.
Personal values Wisdom
7. Message execution Description Three boys are playing basket ball with a milking cow in the garden. The boy in yellow T-shirt makes the ball go through the basket. After that, he and the cow read a book together. May be the boy finds out answer to a question of the cow. And she gives him a box of milk. Finally, the boy lean on a wall, he and the cow realize that he is taller after drinking milk.
ExecutionStyle (s)/ Rhetorical device(s) Mood, image, humorousAnimated
8. Evaluation Hilarious and convincing

2. Iem2: “Coca-cola” advertisement



1. Source Coca-cola
2. Target audience Upper class and famous people.
3. Medium (media) Printed advertising.
4. Context About in early 1900s, when Hilda Clark was a famous singer as well as a famous actress.
5. Objectives Create the need to use coca-cola as a fresh and tasty drink to ease your thirst.
6. Messages General selling If you drink coca-cola, you will feel excited and you will become famous and more beautiful.
Product attributes Unclear
Customer benefits Unclear
Personal values Pleasure  and excitement
7. Message execution Description Hilda Clark in a luxurious dress with worthy treasure is holding a cup of coca-cola. In the left of the picture, there is a mirror with some words. According to these words, I guess the price of a cup of coca-cola is 5 cents
ExecutionStyle (s)/ Rhetorical device(s) Image
8. Evaluation Personally: good impression

3. item3. “Bkav” advertisement   





1. Source Bkav
2. Target audience Computer users
3. Medium (media) Radio
4. Context In 2009, Internet and high technology are explored extensively.
5. Objectives To introduce a new product.
6. Messages General selling If you don’t use “Bkav pro 2009”, your computer will encounter viruses, which affects your work badly
Product attributes Killing all kinds of viruses, eliminating spy software, saving memory, integrating personal firewall, protecting computer during your surfing the Internet.
Customer benefits Your computer will be protected and your work will run smoothly.
Personal values Wisdom
7. Message execution Description Three famous comedians (Quang Thang, Quoc Khanh and Pham Bang) are talking about their computers, works and solution to their computer problem.
ExecutionStyle (s)/ Rhetorical device(s) Mood
8. Evaluation Personally: impressive and interesting

3 Responses to “Entry 2_ LyThiThuy”

  1. nguyenlelinh October 13, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    Item 3: “If you drink coca-cola, you will feel excited and you will become famous and more beautiful.” “< Surely, it can't be the message of the ad.

    As far as I know, Cocacola company started around 1893. The picture is about a girl in vintage clothing (I have no idea about who she is =.=), therefore, the picture may aim to emphazize the long history of the company.

    • nguyenlelinh October 13, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

      Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to the context :”> I thought the advertisement was newly made :”>
      with its context, the message couldn’t be about the long history. However, I don’t think it has anything to do with fame and beauty either. It would be ridiculous to believe that drinking coca cola can make you famous and beautiful =.=
      In this case, the message may be :”Coca cola can bring enjoyment to everyone, even famous people”

  2. nguyenthihuyen October 13, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

    your ads are carefully analyzed with the necessary information.However, in my opinion, the target audience first CF is not only children but also mothers who care about their kid’s grow. There is a problem in the web-link of the item 3. You should check it so that we can see the ad.

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