Entry 2_BuiHoangDinh

10 Oct

Entry 2_Analysis of authentic advertisements

Item 1: Heineken advertisement

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gYK8-Wm3uU&feature=related

Components Contents
1. Source Heineken Company
2. Target Audience Everyone
3. Medium (Media) Broadcast on TV
4. Context 2004
5. Objectives Attract viewer’s attention and preference for Heineken
6. Message General Selling Proposition Heineken serves the planet with an attractive universal product
Product Attributes Attractive, tasty
Customer Benefits Enjoyment
Personal Values Pleasure, happiness, charm
7. Message Execution Description A boy goes shopping in a supermarket. He sees a very beautiful girl have difficulties in reading two bottles of Heineken on the top shelf. He comes and helps her take them. However, when he recognizes the label the two bottles, he holds them for himself and ignore the girl.
Execution / Style(s) /Rhetorical Device(s) Comparison and Hyperbole: Heineken is much more attractive than a girl.
8. Evaluation A funny and nice commercial film

Item 2: Red Bull Advertisement

Components Contents
1. Source Red Bull company
2. Target Audience Everyone, especially for Olympic athletes
3. Medium (Media) Printed ad (newspaper or magazines)
4. Context unknown
5. Objectives Promote buying and introduce the new product Red Bull Gold
6. Message General Selling Proposition With Red Bull, you will have strength and motives to gain gold medal in your race
Product Attributes Red Bull is an tasty energy drink that stimulus your potential strength and will
Customer Benefits The build and the strength of a great athlete
Personal Values Successful, strong and motivated
7. Message Execution Description An athlete succeed in trying his best to rise forward and support his companion entering the final stage of their race
Execution / Style(s) /Rhetorical Device(s) ImageReal Product Symbol
8. Evaluation Success: popularize the image of Red Bull brand

Item 3: Biti’s Advertisement

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF_FSiHj5bM

Components Contents
1. Source Biti’s company
2. Target Audience Everyone
3. Medium (Media) Broadcast on TV
4. Context 2005
5. Objectives To attract viewer’s attention and preference for Biti’s and also to remind people of this product.
6. Message General Selling Proposition Biti’s is suitable for all Vietnamese generations
Product Attributes Comfortable, Convenient, fashionable and suitable for everyone,
Customer Benefits Comfort and pleasure
Personal Values Wisdom and satisfaction
7. Message Execution Description The ad in turns shows:

  1. Long Quan’s step passing down the ocean
  2. Au Co’s step passing up to the mountain
  3. Tay Son’s steps making the legend of speed
  4. Steps passing over Truong son range
  5. Steps into the new millennium


Execution / Style(s) /Rhetorical Device(s)
  • Narrating in time order
  • Mood / Image , Musical: Inspiring national pride, the emotion of family sentiments  in the viewers


8. Evaluation An outstandingly successful advertisement

2 Responses to “Entry 2_BuiHoangDinh”

  1. lythithuy October 13, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

    I extremely like the first ad. However, i have some minor opinions:
    -Target audience: not everyone. it can be adults
    -Product attributes: “unclear” in stead of “tasty and attractive”

  2. daothihongnhung October 13, 2011 at 2:19 pm #

    In your first item, I want to add in the execution style: Image: Jenifer Aniston-an actor.

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