11 Oct


Conceptual framework 1



1. Source Vinamilk
2. Target Audience Everyone
3. Medium (Media) Broadcasting
4. Context 2009, Vietnam
5. Objectives Introduce a new product (extension product of Vfresh)
6. Messages General Selling proposition Drinking Vfresh Smoothie means that you are drinking the true milk and fruit. It is very good for you health. Also, it can protect you from the dangerous.
Product Attributes Very tasty and true
Customer Benefits Enjoyment
Personal Values Pleasure, excitement and relaxing
7. Message Execution Description The main characters are a duck, a cock and a crocodile. The crocodile was going to eat the duck and the cock on the bank of the river; however, he witnessed the very moving farewell between them. In the end, the crocodile had also to cry a lot and may no longer eat them
Execution style(s)/ Rhetorical Device(s) Musical, humorous
8. Evaluation Quite impressive and unique


Conceptual framework 2



1. Source Olay
2. Target Audience Women in young and middle age
3. Medium (Media) Broadcasting
4. Context 2006, Vietnam
5. Objectives Introduce a new product
6. Messages General Selling proposition If you use Olay white radiance, you will have the most beautiful skin as you want
Product Attributes White and light skin care
Customer Benefits Beautiful with white and light skin
Personal Values Self-confident, enthusiasm
7. Message Execution Description A modern woman is characterized through her daily activities such as working and entertaining. She said she loves the best things. Therefore, she loves Olay white radiance. It is the product that helps her to care her white light skin.
Execution style(s)/ Rhetorical Device(s) Musical, image
8. Evaluation Interesting and convincing


Conceptual framework 3



1. Source Honda
2. Target Audience Everyone
3. Medium (Media) Print ads
4. Context 2008, Vietnam
5. Objectives Introduce a new product (Honda Lead)
6. Messages General Selling proposition If you choose this motorbike, you are a smart person
Product Attributes Luxurious, big and comfortable scooter
Customer Benefits Economical, green energy, Luxurious and saving
Personal Values Smartness and wisdom
7. Message Execution Description A modern woman is standing by the white lead. On the top of the picture is the name of brand. Under it is the logo: “Lead to the next stage” and “Smart persons select smart things”. On the right bottom of it is the introduction of the brand.
Execution style(s)/ Rhetorical Device(s) Image
8. Evaluation Impressive and convincing



4 Responses to “ENTRY 2_ĐÀO THỊ HỒNG NHUNG”

  1. tranthiphuongthao October 13, 2011 at 2:36 am #

    in Item 3, i think you confuse product attributes and customer benefits. in my opinion, product attributes here are advanced engine, economical, environmental friendliness, modern design, and guarantee, while customer benefits are saving, protecting environment, luxury, security, and comfort. besides, i think that personal values are not only smartness and wisdom but also social acceptance and self-fulfillment.

    • nguyenlelinh October 13, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

      I agree with you about everything but the personal values.
      The vehicle attributes is economical, therefore, Nhung is rather right when saying personal value is wisdom.

  2. duongthithuhuong October 13, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

    In my opinion, you completely analysed the contents of the advertisement; however, there are some points I don’t agree with you
    1. The item 1
    – General selling proposition: drinking Vfresh Smoothie makes you healthier and gives you the true taste of fruit
    – Product attributes: tasteful and fresh
    – Description: you described the first part of the advertisement. The rest is the main one which advertises for the product
    2. The item 2
    – Personal values: self-confidence and social attractiveness.
    3. The item 3
    – General selling proposition: if you use this motorbike, you will save your money and feel convenient.
    – Product attributes: it will consume less energy, be friendly with environment and have long-time insurance.
    – Custom benefits: saves money, feels convenient and protects environment

  3. buihoangdinh October 13, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    In the item 1, i suggest that you can add “healthy or non-toxic, no chemical preservative substance” into product attributes.
    Furthermore, “healthy” also can be added into “personal values”. And Animated character or (fantasy, i guess) is an extra executional style in this ad.
    In the item 2, i think in “personal values”, you lack the idea of “social attractiveness”
    Also. in “executive styles”, this ad use the image of famous person / star (Tang Thanh Ha) to attract the attention of customers.

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