11 Oct
  1. I.                  Advertisement 1 :

Source: http://amazingphotos4all.blogspot.com/2009/03/worlds-best-advertisements.html



1. Source Nissan Motor Company
2. Target audience People who want to buy a van
3. Medium (Media) Printed, posted on the Internet
4. Context Introduction of a new product
5. Objectives To inform and introduce a new product
6. Messages General Selling Proposition If you have this van, you can bring heavier loads
Product Attributes Powerful, useful, stylish
Customer Benefits Safe, Convenient, easy to work
Personal Values Attractive, Self-fulfillment, pleasure, wisdom
7. Message Execution Description A kangaroo with a hippopotamus in its bag 
Execution Styles/ Rhetorical Devices Image (Metaphor)
8. Evaluation Good impression

II. Advertisement 2



1. Source Harvey Nichols store chain
2. Target audience People who want to buy good clothes with cheap price
3. Medium (Media) Printed advertisement
4. Context Offer opportunity for people who cannot buy expensive product.
5. Objectives To create the opportunity to buy brand clothes with cheaper price and announce the sale time has started
6. Messages General Selling Proposition If you come and buy clothes in Harvey Nichols store soon, you will get the clothes with famous brand names and still save your money.
Product Attributes Fashionable, stylish, high quality, cheap
Customer Benefits Save money
Personal Values Self-fulfillment, pleasure
7. Message Execution Description A T-shirt is pulled in many directions especially two arms are pulled in two opposite sides. On the right of the poster are the words: the Harvey Nichols sale has started. 
Execution Styles/ Rhetorical Devices Image (Metaphor)
8. Evaluation easy to understand

III Advertisement 3

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieSzsh4hJWI&feature=related



1. Source Coca Cola 
2. Target audience Everyone
3. Medium (Media) Broadcast advertisement
4. Context Various kinds of drinks are increasing in quantity.
5. Objectives To make the product Coca-cola more popular and well-known and people can enjoy the drink.
6. Messages General Selling Proposition If you drink Coca-Cola, you will feel really relaxed, friendly, excited, powerful and full of energy.
Product Attributes Popular, cool, delicious
Customer Benefits Having a feeling of excitement and relaxation.Satisfying your thirst and having refresh body
Personal Values Impressive, exciting, appealing and relaxing
7. Message Execution Description A guy in black makes a mess in the traffic. Everyone is so scared of him as thinking he is a criminal. He stops by a store, get out a coca cola. After drinking that bottle, he starts doing good things that no one expects: paying for the drink, giving a lot of money to a beggar, and helping other people. Everyone begins to love him, come to him and dance together. A little love is made, a better world is created 
Execution Styles/ Rhetorical Devices Image, musical, fantasyMetaphor, hyperbole
8. Evaluation Extremely impressive and appealing

3 Responses to “Entry2_NguyenAnhNgoc”

  1. vuthiphuongthanhe24 October 12, 2011 at 2:03 pm #

    I like your ads. however, I have some following comments:
    Item 1: CONTEXT: You should indicate the time or origin of this ads
    Item 2: the same mistake with CONTEXT
    Item 3: you have some mistakes with Verb tense such as “get out a coca cola”- gets, “come to him and dance together” – comes, dances

  2. tranthiphuongthao October 13, 2011 at 3:10 am #

    do you remember the idiom “as fast as a kangaroo”? i think the image of the kangaroo in this advertisement symbols the high speed of the truck. therefore, you should add the information of the speed in the message. for example, in General Selling Proposition “If you have this van, you can bring heavier loads at speed”; in Product Attributes “powerful, stylish, easy to use” (because the kangaroo is the symbol of Australia and it’s familiar with everyone”

  3. daothihongnhung October 13, 2011 at 2:02 pm #

    Your ads are quite interesting; however, there are some mistakes in your ads analysis. I agree with Thanh that the context of 3 items should be time and place of these ads. I guess that you misunderstood context with objectives. I also agree with Thảo and I also want to add one thing is about the background of the picture in item 1. Trees around the kangaroo have no leaves and the weather may be not good. So i think that you should add one extra thing in product attributes: well working despite bad conditions.

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