Entry 3_Tran Thi Phuong Thao

30 Oct

Entry 3: Identifying Bias

Item 1: Assumption



  • The cartoon above shows one of the most popular biases in our contemporary society: bias for degree. It is strongly believed that if someone has a degree from a university or a college, he must lead a good and successful life. Therefore, parents always wish their children to have higher education and “create every opportunity” for them without carefully considering the children’s capabilities and the quality of the degree.
  • This kind of bias is assumption. Parents are true when they highly value higher education and its degree; however, they are wrong when conclude that these things are all, and find every way to impose it on their children. They have no idea that there are other important things such as soft skills, experience, and their children completely can succeed when attending a vocational school.


Item 2: Discrimination


  • The cartoon above reflects the gender discrimination at workplace. In the picture, a woman in an office uniform is drawn very big and high, so she may be a leader. Surrounded her are so many tiny men who are trying to prevent the woman advancing by lots of ropes. Besides, the sky surrounding her is really dull and sullen.
  • From the picture, it is obvious that women are treated unfairly at workplace. The working environment is short of opportunities for women to develop, and they always have to encounter many obstacles created by male colleagues. Even if women are in leadership, it is quite difficult for them to advance in career.



Item 3: Stereotype (Bias by headline)


Nữ sinh 9x chụp ảnh bán khỏa thân tập thể ngay tại lớp


Ngọc Trinh 9X lấy chồng


9X: Không có gì là chuẩn mực


Khủng hoảng…xoay quanh tệ nạn 9X tìm người tình 1 đêm


Choáng vì nữ sinh 9X đánh nhau giành bạn trai


9X lại đánh nhau


9X nổi loạn ở vũ trường


9X nổi loạn hay là “ghi dấu bản sắc”?



  • All headlines above reflect a negative stereotype of a new generation, 9X, in Vietnam. In these headlines, the term “9X” is referred to generally and is surrounded by many “strong words” like “nude”, “evil”, “lover in one night”, “fight”, “rebel”.
  • The way these headlines are made unintentionally creates a negative image of 9X generation. Acceptedly, there are quite a lot social evils and bad phenomena in this generation; however, it is just a small group, and there are still many good 9Xers in the society. Therefore, these headlines can make careless readers think ill of 9X generation, and the term “9X” may be used to refer to bad things.







6 Responses to “Entry 3_Tran Thi Phuong Thao”

  1. dothihonghanh October 31, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    i think the third item should be the Prejudice because it shows the negative judgment or opinion formed about 9X generation

  2. vuthiphuongthanhe24 November 1, 2011 at 4:15 am #

    ITEM 1: I agree with you that this picture is an assumption. However, I think you deduce something that were not seen in the picture like “They have no idea that there are other important things such as soft skills, experience, and their children completely can succeed when attending a vocational school.”. In my opinion, parents often set a higher and greater educational standard for your children without caring about their real ability, and the children must pursue it.
    ITEM 3: I agree with Hanh that it is prejudice.

    • tranthiphuongthao November 1, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

      thank you for all of your comments. however, i don’t agree with both of you that the item 3 is prejudice because, as you know, prejudice is a negative judgment or opinion formed about a group “without knowledge of the facts”. And here, negative behaviors of the 9X generation are true in real life; therefore, these headlines are true to some extent. You can’t say that they are “without knowledge of the facts”. And I think this item is stereotype because these headlines are “without regard to individual differences.”

  3. phungvuchaulong November 1, 2011 at 1:50 pm #

    1. the 1st and 2nd item are very interesting. i also agree with the way you define bias.
    2. i share the same idea with Hanh and Thanh, because you can realise that those articles built up an extremely bad image of 9X, which makes “9X” become a “brand”. they are the thruth, but from a very small group and can not represent the whole 9X generation.

  4. tranthiphuongthao November 1, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    for Long, you are true when saying that “the truth is from a very small group, not the whole 9X generation”, and that is exactly the reason why I believe this item is stereotype (you should review the definitions of stereotype and prejudice in the textbook). besides, for Hanh, a stereotype can be a negative one, so you can’t say that “it should be the Prejudice because it shows the negative judgment”. anyway, thank for your comment sincerely!

  5. hoangthilehang November 4, 2011 at 3:00 am #

    I think in the 3rd item, it is about both Stereotype and Prejudice.
    It is Stereotype because some authors’ aim is to cover the “brand” 9x to all the one who were born in that period of time.
    It is Prejudice because as you can see, all the headlines convey bad assumption about 9x people.

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