1 Nov



* there are 2 women in the poster who have the same office work. they seem to be  efficient and successful. There is a big discourse above indicated that they are cheaper  than men

* bias: (gender) discrimination

* this picture reflects a discrimination in offices, where woman must take the equal tasks to men, but are paid less.



* in the picture, there is a trolley symbolizing supermarket or stores. the trolley also looks like a window in prison with an poor old Israel man inside. it states that ” buying Israel goods is funding Apartheis!”

* bias: scapegoating

* it is scapegoating because it is a statement to encourage people to  isolate Israel goods and holds Apartheid for the whole Israel community where goods are produced.


* in this picture, there are five aristocrat young women in beautiful long luxurious dress in a well-decorated room. all of them are women in Victorian Era.

* stereotype

* this picture reflects stereotype because it show the typical image of upper-class women in Victorian Era. they wear expensive long well-designed dresses accompanied by precious jewelries and accessories. Their hair are tied neatly with special hats. and they usually gather together in luxurious place for chatting. Women in this era seem to be rich and powerful.



4 Responses to “Phungvuchaulong_entry3”

  1. lythithuy November 2, 2011 at 3:29 am #

    In item 1:(I add some information) the woman in the right of the picture is wearing a suit and a pair of trousers which man usually wear to go to office. It means that woman can do every thing which man can. however, women are paid lower than men. ==> gender discrimination
    In item 3: good descriptions! however, i don’t agree with on your statement “they usually gather together in luxurious place for chatting”. because it is not shown in the picture. Moreover, i think it is not a bias because the information the picture conveys to us is true when it reveals the fashion style of upper-class women in Victorian Era

  2. nguyenthihuyen November 2, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

    I don’t agree with Thuy that the third item is not a bias. From where I stand, the author of this picture might unintentionally used bias. The picture describes typical imagine of upper-class women in Wersten countries. They should wear long dresses with precious jewelries and accessories. Obviously, it is a stereotype.

  3. nguyenhuyenmy09e24 November 4, 2011 at 2:10 am #

    I do not agree with huyen because at first I also think that this ia the author’s unitentionally bias. However, the clothes in the pictures is not what he imagines of women in that time. Maybe it is the real description of the dresses. I mean, he based on the real clothes of women at that time and just drew again. so it is not bias

  4. hoangthilehang November 4, 2011 at 2:16 am #

    I do agree with Thuy and My that in the 3rd item, it is not the author’s bias because the picture describes a corner of the facts belonging to Victoria period. It is about the image of women of the upper class in society with their fashion and style.

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